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We are the globally pre-eminent concierge consultant service, bringing together working capital and expanding ventures for maximum success and profitability. Our broad and unique network of upscale investors, coupled with remarkable business growth opportunities, are developed to maximize growth and prosperity. By partnering with MagnifiCo for your next opportunity, you will be availing yourself of a multifaceted cache of exclusive resources and connections.

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Business Consulting Firm New York


Our consulting services are designed to help clarify your
goals and put you in touch with the power players that can
take your enterprise to the next level of success.

Legal Services

Cut through the red tape with access to
our network of legal experts. We have
resources that are able to swiftly negotiate
and execute any number of legal services.

Entertainment and Media

Looking for talent? We have the
resources to escalate growth to
the hottest markets for lucrative


Global financial ventures are a great
expansion opportunity. With a proven
track record of successful multi-million
dollar B2B deals, we are equipped to
escort a variety of deals from conception
to completion.

Real Estate

Whether it’s domestic or global real estate
opportunities, we can offer connections to upscale
real estate ventures tailored to your specific needs.

Fashion, Design, and Retail

Combining real estate, business growth,
and modern sales trends, we work to
increase the profitability of storefronts
whether you are a single boutique
or a major market player.

Clients Testimonials

I am proud to call Don my partner and close friend. In my 30 years as an agent I have never known a more intelligent caring and generous man. This a successful man that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Don is a great agent, plain and simple.

Having represented 58 Academy Award winners, and 34 Grammy Award winners, I am proud to be associated with Don, and Magnifico Inc.

I met Don 7 or 8 years ago. Over the years, Don has given me great support in every project that I found myself to be involved with as a professional Boxer and now as an actor. On one such project, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to work in a movie starring Robert De Niro.

After receiving the contract from the producers, I needed help understanding what was in the contract and how it would benefit me for future projects. Don Cisternino was the 1st person I could go to for help and advice. He read it over it for me and then broke it down word-for-word, explaining what the contract actually meant and that if I was happy, to sign it. He made sure I was taken care of.

This was, for me, the 1st break I had with the movie business. Having Don getting my back and looking into the business contract, I could focus on the job at hand. I am very thankful for Don's help, advise and friendship...

In all the years that I've been involved in the arts, none of my prior representatives has exhibited such a willingness to step up to the plate on my behalf and swing for the fences like Don Cisternino. I'm not singling out Don to compare, but to demonstrate the great lengths that this man goes for his actors. I wouldn't say this if I hadn't witnessed it first hand.

Don already helped me book one of my first roles on a major tv show, but there was a problem with my union reinstatement dues that stalled my booking. In comes Don, who not only helps me handle the payments, but also spends a good portion of his day on the phone with SAG to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. I don't know of any managers or agents who would do something like that. He is a believer in the actor taking responsibility, understands and empathizes when we face challenges and infuses us all with a sense of liberation.

I come from the world of boxing and there are poignant parallels in the manner Don deports himself as a leader, defender and truth teller. These characteristics are ones that I've been fortunate enough to be associated with and have learned from; first on the journey as a student of boxing, now as an actor. Don Cisternino believes, speaks, behaves, intuits, loves, questions, accepts and lives by a code: the actors code.

Outside of being trained as an actor himself, Don has many talents and seeks to make a path for the actors he represents and takes under his wing. That is the core of who he is. Don's passion and insights are beyond infectious and he gets it, he gets us and we get him. In closing, a testimonial would hardly do Don or The Levin Agency justice.

Like any good marine, Don Cisternino goes above and beyond the call of duty for his troops. Don displays exemplary character; working night and day to achieve the level of success he believes all of his clients deserve. Don is not unlike Jerry Maguire, as far as his love for his people is concerned.

I truly believe Don is as passionate about the veritable craft of acting as any talent agent out there today. He will go to battle for all of his actors and staff for that matter. Here's to many years of success- it's worth all of this for all of us.