About Us

MagnifiCo Inc. is about making connections. A consulting company with wide-ranging expertise, we have the professional knowledge and extensive network that can get the results you need: for your business, your career and your personal goals.

From our location in the heart of Beverly Hills, we provide upscale concierge services in the areas of business, law, finance, real estate, fashion, PR and entertainment. Our team, led by Don Cisternino, knows the key players in each industry and works with efficiency and discretion to negotiate and finalize deals that will take you to the next level.

MagnifiCo is proud to offer a comprehensive and valuable network of a variety of resources to assist you in scouting, negotiating, and completing successful ventures. As much as we have wide networks, in-depth understandings of high stakes industries and are trustworthy deal makers in vast areas of commerce, our clients are at the heart of our company. Despite the pressures that come with navigating a community where image, profit and art are at stake, we remain committed to each individual person that comes to us for service.

MagnifiCo’s services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our experts help clarify your goals, using our legal knowledge and industry experience. We guide you through the process of networking with the power players that can propel you to the height of success. Everyone who works with us has the opportunity to “Be Magnificent!”

Our Areas

Modern commerce is no longer confined to single industries that do not interact. Increasingly, enterprising individuals are establishing a synergy between related industries: successful actors enter the world of fashion, celebrity figures start immensely successful consumer-facing businesses. Traditional professions such as law, finance and real estate are inextricably connected.

At MagnifiCo, we embrace this idea of synergy. This is why we encourage our network of professionals to seek out our services. On the surface, our full slate of offerings seem diverse, but it forms a cohesive whole that permits us to help our clients achieve their goals even as they shift and change in tandem with their careers or businesses. We are constantly expanding, staying flexible and creative in order to enhance our ability to be knowledgeable and innovative on a global scale.

MagnifiCo is a strategic resource unmatched in the Hollywood community. Let us use our Magnifi Services to point you in the right direction to promote your business, legal and career objectives. Contact us today.