The New Entertainment Company with Endless Expertise & Heart:

Once in a great while, a new company comes along that not only has endless expertise in the entertainment industry, but also has a true heart for its clients. Introducing who are a team of experienced professional songwriters, musicians, & composers who write custom songs for individual needs, as well as compose, arrange, teach, provide consulting, management and booking services for individuals, groups, performing artists, advertising industry professionals, film & television, digital media, and much more.

Their songwriters and entertainment professionals have worked with Warner Bros., Dreamworks Productions, Universal, Walt Disney, the Fox Network, Billboard Magazine, the Bluebird Café, DaCapo Music, USA Network, WQIK FM Radio. Jane Krakowski, Harry Belafonte, David Brubeck, Keith Urban, Little Texas, The Mick, Motown the Musical, and many other elite companies and performing artists just to name a few.

Join The Network. Do you need help placing your songs with artists, film or television? Are you ready to move in to the next phase of artist development/management to hone your skills? Are you ready to start booking gigs? Do you feel you might need some training in the “Young Songwriters Academy” to perfect your songs?

Let Assist You:

Young Songwriters Academy:

Young Songwriters Academy is currently offering its first dynamic songwriting workshop during the fall of 2017! This is a great opportunity for young songwriters ages 8-18 to learn song structure, develop creative lyric writing techniques, improvise melodies and harmonies, and create their own songs. Students will be instructed by professional songwriters, musicians and teachers who will guide them through the process start to finish.

The fall session includes 9 sessions from October 5, 2017 – December 7, 2017. The fall workshop will be held in Rye, NY, 30 minutes outside of New York City. The students will have a Final Recital on the last day of the session, where parents and friends are invited to attend and watch the students showcase their original songs. Check out the “Young Songwriters Academy” page to register on the website!

Individual Needs:

Do you have a song idea? Do you have lyrics but no melody? Do you just want to give the gift of your song to a certain someone, but need some help? The professional team will bring your song to life.

Film/Television Industry:

Are you looking for the perfect song, film score or soundtrack for your movie or television show? Do you need the right voice for a voiceover?

Advertising Industry:

Do you want a unique catchy theme song or jingle with a hook that will attract your customer base & increase your profits? Are you looking for a timeless theme song for all of your marketing platforms? Let their professional team write the songs that will generate more revenue for you.

Performing Artists:

Are you looking for the perfect song that defines you as an artist? Do you want to write that special song that encompasses who you are as an artist? Vocal coaching? Lessons? Preparation for an upcoming gig or showcase?

Artist Development:

Are you a talented singer, songwriter, or a musician? Do you want to get to the next level? Our team of professionals will develop your talents and hone your skills, so you are fully prepared to launch your music career. There is only one you, and they will help you discover who you are meant to be as an artist.

“You will not find a better team to work with than “Your Songwriters.” They treat each of their clients as unique individuals, and take the time and effort to help you accomplish your dreams and goals. “Your Songwriters” truly has a heart who cares about their clients, and wants you to be successful. In an entertainment industry full of people trying to get to the top, “” is a rare find.”

Brian McCormick

Check out the new website and reach out to this professional team to see where your dreams will take you!

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