5 Top Resources Every Independent Film Production Needs in Los Angeles & New York

Independent film production units are considerably of lower budgets as compared to major studio productions. But that doesn’t mean you can get along making an indie film with little or no resources at all. There are some concrete tips and resources needed to make a well indie film regardless of the location of production. So let’s take New York in this case, which items are required to make a small-budget movie worthy of watching.

1. A movie camera

Start with the “indie film” concept in mind, you are about to make a small-budget movie with a moderately cheap camera having a fine display result. It’s quite often inexperienced indie film makers forget the fact such movies are not supposed to be developed through expensive resources in order to look high-end. It’s about narrating the story in a proper way without trying to make it stand head-to-head with the latest big shot CGI concentrated movie in worldwide cinemas. Consider the cameras Canon Powershot Series, DSLRs: Nikon D90 or Canon 550/600D, Panasonic HVX200, etc. for the best results within your pocket’s range. These cameras possess great recording ability, are fairly simple in use, and highly versatile. Some are even good enough to shoot in HD quality while giving more of a cinematic look.

2. A sound recorder/microphone

Most cameras come with sound recorder installed by default, but having a separate recorder will really refine the results of the overall shot video. You can go for a Zoom H1 Recorder, or a little more costly Zoom H4N. These recorders catch sound in great quality, provide stereo recording, and easy-to-handle use.

3. Slider/Glidecam equipment

Purchasing a glidecam or slider gives a low-budget movie a more professional and beautifully made look. It’s not required to purchase both the resources but any one of them would do well. A glidecam is quite similar in functioning to a slider. While a slider gives you more freedom to travel back and forth on the same track.

4. Jib/Crane

This particularly effective equipment will not only make your movie a professional work, but will also turn your methods and processes seem more matured and skillful. However, not a mandatory piece to include in every film making, but its use will definitely enhance your artistry and cinematic efforts.

5. Your crew, obviously!

You may be confident and energetic enough to carry an indie film production setup on your own, but that also calls for increased workload, stress, and demotivating factors piling at every instant. So it’s better to call in your trusted friends, family members, and other close associates and get the job done with flying colors. Apart from the crew, you can also acquire the consultancy services of professional film production experts as they will benefit you with a timely and much needed break you want to make a name in the film industry.
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