Are you starting a new business or project but need help to take it to the next level? At Magnifico Inc., we offer consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs, business people, non-profits and multinational corporations. Our clients turn to us because we have the requisite experience, contacts, knowledge, judgment and perspective that accelerates the success of any company, project or cause.

Trusted Resource

Magnifico Inc. is a concierge consulting service started by Don Cisternino, a successful agent and attorney in the competitive entertainment business. Based in Beverly Hills, he has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Recently, Michael Levine joined our Magnifico family. A leading public relations executive, Michael is the author of the best-seller Guerilla P.R. and the long-time head of his own firm, Levin Communications. He has represented some of the world’s most famous stars, including Sandra Bullock, Barbra Streisand and Cameron Diaz.

Professional Consulting

We have the depth of experience to help you gain clarification on your personal and business goals, and the strategic resources and contacts to put those goals into motion. Our network reaches across the globe, and we regularly introduce clients to key power players that know how to make things happen for you. Our consulting services help you with:

  • Personal and Business Branding
  • Film Financing
  • Legal Services
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Fashion and Design
  • Photography and Video Services
  • Event Production
  • Technology and Data Expertise
  • Music Production and Marketing

Vision and Execution

Our approach is based on clear vision, vigorous negotiation and effective execution. We have handled everything from small projects for trendy retail stores to multi-million dollar deals for international conglomerates, military and industrial clients.

All of these benefits are underpinned by our long experience in technology and data. Our information experts will help you package and deliver your in-house training, international web-based instruction or other digital assets to your most profitable audiences.

Customized Plan of Action

As consultants, we put ourselves in your shoes to ensure we customize each plan of action to your individual needs. We provide superior results due to our creativity, innovation and commitment to being the best. We can assist you with simple projects like business plans to larger initiatives in areas such as:

  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • Information Technology

Contact our Beverly Hills office today, and let’s have a conversation about your goals. Or, learn more about our concierge consulting services by checking out the rest of this site. You can also see our latest activities at our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.