Our team at MagnifiCo, Inc. brings you a wellspring of talent. We represent a wide variety of gifted performers and actors as well as literary writers, scriptwriters, musical artists, producers, entertainers, and hired voice actors in New York. We can find you everyone from polished stars to real world, edgy extras.

What can our founder do for you?

MagnifiCo’s founder, Don Cisternino, knows the entertainment business exceptionally well. He is a partner in a franchised Screen Actor’s Guild agency of more than 30 years. Our team is available for consulting and advice. What resources in the Hollywood industry do you need to access? We’ll work with you on all of your special projects.

Here’s a short list of who we can help you find:

  • Film and TV Actors
  • Commercial Actors
  • Theater Actors
  • Comedians
  • Dancers and Choreographers
  • Variety Artists and Specialty Acts
  • Voiceover Artists
  • Print Models
  • Literary Writers
  • Scriptwriters
  • Musical Artists
  • Producers
  • Sports Personalities
  • Broadcast Journalists and Newscasters

An example of the complete services from MagnifiCo, Inc.

When you are thinking of marketing a theater production, we can help you by finding stellar theater actors and actresses. Our staff will make sure they’re available on the dates you need them. We will also identify their additional skills, such as singing, dancing and stunt work. Our team is attentive and understanding. We know that your needs can change as the script and production develop. We’re excellent at communicating with directors, writers, investors and talent. Our goal is to help you get a production underway with the best talent available. We strive to assist you in emergencies and on short notice. We are a strategic resource for publicity with branding experience.

If you are thinking of recording a track and need studio musicians and producers, our team can bring you the best in the business. We are familiar with reliable and excellent talent excited to work on your project. We can also work to book the same or comparable talent for live concerts and tours. We are here to make your albums and the shows associated with them pure gold.

Go with MagnifiCo, Inc. for all of your productions. Our staff knows the business and is waiting to work for you. You want someone you can trust, who cares as much as you do about the final result. MagnifiCo, Inc. is that company. We look forward to helping you create spectacular entertainment.

Learn more at our website: MagnifiCoInc.com. Here you can also join our growing community on social media through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.