Fashion, Design and Retail

Because we are so involved in a wide variety of businesses, over time Don Cisternino decided to bring them all together in a global concierge consulting service called MagnifiCo. One of the more exciting areas we work in is the world of fashion. Every week there are new ideas, concepts and challenges.

Concierge Consulting Service

Our clients in the fashion industry turn to us for consulting services in everything from fashion design to retail storefronts. You might be asking what exactly a concierge consulting service does. The classic definition of a concierge is a designated person who provides help and information. At MagnifiCo, some of the ways we help clients in the fashion business are as follows:

  • Structuring real estate deals for retail operations.
  • Arranging show producers, backstage managers, casting professionals, promotions coordinators, fundraising managers, stylists and support staff for fashion events.
  • Getting products into retail channels.
  • Making introductions at the highest levels of the industry, including top designers and media.

From Milan to Main Street

The fashion industry is a fascinating business category because it represents the elegant fashion runways of Paris, Milan, New York and London, and it encompasses a complex network of textile companies, retailers, apparel companies, wholesalers and importers. Because of our long experience in the fashion industry, our boutique real estate advisors in New York & Los Angeles can help you develop your project and bring it in on time and under budget.

Fashion is unlike many traditional businesses. It takes an experienced eye to advise clients on the most productive and profitable route to take to make a fashion venture a success. We can assist you with strategic resources such as:

  • Legal Services
  • Film and Music Production
  • On-site Event Programming
  • Technology and Data
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Marketing and Branding

Personal Relationships

Avoid relying on consulting services that have no experience in the fashion business. Although it is a thoroughly modern industry, it relies on customs developed over many decades. It is a business built on relationships and networking — we have the deep contacts and strong bonds both here and abroad that our clients rely on time and again.

Call us to set up a meeting to discuss your project, and our fashion business consultants in New York can show you the best way to optimize your venture for success. You’ll get both a broad view of how MagnifiCo can help you and a snapshot of the step-by-step actions we would take to bring your concept to fruition. We invite you to explore our website to get a comprehensive look at the services we provide and to review our social media posts to see photos and news about our latest projects.