Turn your ideas into plans with the talented finance experts at MagnifiCo, Inc. When you have a creative project that you want to make a reality, you need a consultant with experience in business and entertainment. We know both industries and can serve you well in film financing. We are also experienced with personal and corporate finance plans and can assist you with business development and expansion.

Film Financing: From Top to Bottom

At MagnifiCo, Inc., we’re familiar with the many different needs of financial services for film financing. We can work with you to help you find investors, develop strategic partnerships and identify lenders for:

  • Production Financing
  • Tax Credit Financing
  • Prints and Advertising Services
  • Finishing Funds

We make it our goal to help your production get started and completed, on time and on budget. Our experience in the film industries ensures that we will do everything possible to help you save money and operate efficiently.

Financial Planning for Businesses and Individuals

MagnifiCo Inc.’s staff is well-equipped to help you map out and meet your personal and corporate financial goals. We can assist businesses and individuals with many different financial needs. Think of us as a strategic resource, particularly if you are engaged in marketing and branding.

Our business consulting network is composed of talented individuals in the fields of finance, law, real estate and intellectual property. We have helped clients to close multimillion dollar deals in ventures ranging from telecommunications to defense.

MagnifiCo’s staff is excited to work with you on creating a plan for your business. We can assist you with:

  • Growing your Personal Brand
  • Adding a Franchise to an Existing Business
  • Changing your Base of Operations
  • Learning about Investment Opportunities
  • Finding Partners for your Enterprise

Our team providing business finance services in New York understands how to work with the resources that you have and can see what you will be able to accomplish. We are ready to listen and work with you to achieve your goals. Think of contacting us today to take the next step.

You can learn more about MagnifiCo, Inc., on our website or by interacting with us on social media.