Real Estate

At Magnifico Inc., we are dedicated to connecting you with the resources you need to find success in all your ventures whether they are related to business, talent or personal needs. As someone who has worked with organizations and individuals across all types of industries, Don Cisternino understands that, while every niche is unique, no one can succeed without being connected to the right people.

To that end, our real estate consultants in New York work to connect you with the opportunities and people who can help turn your property ideas into reality.

Real Estate Consulting

Our business network includes the top professionals in national and global real estate fields. We can connect you with the strategic resources required to run a real estate venture, including:

  • Legal professionals to help you vet contracts and avoid problematic lease or purchase agreements
  • Finance experts who can offer investment advice or help you secure funding for large real estate ventures
  • Other real estate professionals who can manage properties, connect you with investment opportunities and help you acquire properties that meet your residential or commercial needs

Purchasing and Rental

Whether you’re looking to purchase a dream home or want to rent an upscale residential or commercial space, we can help. We’ll connect you with the right people in our global business network so you don’t have to worry about reading between the lines of real estate marketing. Our proven resources already have their own connections and they know how to find the best real estate rentals or homes on the market.

Since our connections also extend outside of the real estate niche, you don’t have to worry if your dream home is encumbered with a title issue or if the upscale townhouse you want to rent is safeguarded with an extra-long lease. As mentioned, our real estate experts can connect you with all the professional resources you need to make your real estate dream come true.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking your next development deal or a talented artist in search of a new home, we can help. To find out more about Magnifico Inc. and all our services, visit our website or social media pages.