Our tree of services start with these core aspects:


Whether you’re forming a startup or run an established business, an outside consultant can provide the advice, perspective and plan of action you need to succeed. We welcome new and seasoned entrepreneurs who seek guidance on business plans, public relations, marketing, branding and in-office technology. Small businesses who have achieved success with their home office setup need assistance to transition to large-scale operations. We can help you to secure the IT services that will ensure a smooth expansion.

The explosion of social media adoption over the past decade has disrupted business marketing. In an era of instant communication, consumers have high expectations of rapid-response customer service and ease of shopping experience. At the same time, the fundamental nuts and bolts of business — inventory reports and income statements, to name two — have remained unchanged. Let us discuss your options to take your business to the next stage of success.


MagnifiCo is a respected, well-connected firm with creatives throughout Hollywood. We represent high caliber on-camera talent for television and film, featuring some of the city’s most respected and sought after performers.

We also help shape the music industry through professional music production. Our connections to upscale music producers and recording labels put as at the forefront of emerging and established talent.

Our connections throughout the entertainment industry are extensive, including a diverse roster of musicians, actors, writers, artists and producers. With a solid reputation as respected agents, we support, nurture and promote our talent as they pursue their vocations.


Law is fundamentally about relationships — between business partners, corporations and adversaries. At MagnifiCo, we pride ourselves on swift, accurate and diligent legal work. With a particular focus on establishing trademarks and filing claims for trademark infringement, we are well-suited for creative individuals and artists interested in protecting or defending their work.

We also provide comprehensive legal services that support our colleagues in finance, real estate, business and entertainment, from straightforward legal services to more complex negotiations and representation.


Money is at the heart of Hollywood — no one knows that more than a filmmaker who has struggled to raise funds for a beloved project. Our finance division is dedicated to helping you raise the money you need so you can focus on your creative work.

We provide broad financial services to businesses who need assistance with business plans, establishment of financial goals and objectives. We also help you map our your own financial goals as an individual, so you can rest assured your financial life is on solid footing while you achieve your career and professional objectives.

Real Estate

Whether it’s rentals or purchase, MagnifiCo is your resource for upscale/luxury ventures. Your choice of neighborhood is deeply connected to your lifestyle and your social connections within the Hollywood community. We’ll advise you on how best to meet your goals. Discuss your home needs with us, and we’ll find you the location that is right for you personally and professionally.


From establishing your retail brand to connecting you with a personal stylist, MagnifiCo can get you the fashion advice and connections you need. Fashion success is as much about networking with the right people as it is demonstrating you have the creativity and sense of style people will envy and emulate. We can steer you towards the right personalities to meet your goals.

MagnifiCo is a strategic resource unmatched in the Hollywood community. Let us use our Magnifi Services to point you in the right direction to promote your business, legal and career objectives. Contact us today.